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What is Elastin?

Everyone has the Elastin.

Elastin is a substance that can not be essential to our life support. Elastin is a fellow of the protein, the same as in the human and the creature's body as “Collagen" which is well-known, it plays a role in making the form the various tissues. Major characteristic of elastin is the property of a stretch like rubber. Ligaments, lungs, blood vessels, uterus, etc., and includes many parts that require stretching.

The elastin has involved greater beauty. You can keep the skin with elasticity and firmness if the Elastin support a Collagen firmly. When elastin is insufficient, it will also be the cause of sagging and wrinkles.
This only is the elastin that has an important role, but there was little to be commercialized by itself. Because extraction until now is difficult, there are a low purity Elastin. However, in the results of research over 40 years of Kyushu Institute of Technology, we were successful in the extraction of high-purity of elastin.

Age-related changes of skin in Elastin

Collagen, because it can be native to, but will slowly decrease,
Since elastin, which will not be native to peak around 26 years old, rapidly decreased.
By the time you are past the age of 40, it will almost lost.

Factors that elastin is reduced

Cause of the decrease of elastin is Ultraviolet rays, Aging and Stress.
And elastin of the skin is reduced, resulting wrinkles, lose slack, elasticity,

It can lead to serious skin problems.

Ultraviolet rays
UV rays can damage our skin. Not only that, it hurt elastin to keep the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and skin will sagging. Ultraviolet light is the enemy for skin.

Drying of the skin is the cause of wrinkles and sagging.
In proportion to the age, the amount of water lost from the inside of the skin will continue to increase.

Decrease of inter cellular lipid that is filled between the horny cells decrease, and the skin moisture evaporation from the gap between the cells is the cause of dry skin.

Poor circulation
When the blood circulation is poor, the flow of the blood to carry oxygen and nutrition is poor and skin becomes poor nutrition.

As a result, slows skin metabolism, the power to activate the skin cells will become weak.


Elastin developed through collaborative research with Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Patented alkali extraction Made in Japan Water soluble Elastin.

Features of the patent extraction Elastin--

  • High purity extraction method by alkaline treatment

  • A lot of purity index amino acids

  • Contains high molecular and low molecular

  • Research and development as a medical material


<ELASTIN moisturizer (solution) >

30ml regular
price 28,000 yen (excluding tax)


<Soft capsule containing elastin>

Contents 41.4g
price 16,000 yen (excluding tax)

 COACER egerie

<All in one elastin gel>

Contents 100g
price 12,800 yen (excluding tax) 
  130 AUD (including tax)!

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